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'Grow With The Flow'   Say Bye Bye to wasted money and your endless search for the best Raw Hair Vendors in the Industry.   Skip the middleman and go directly to the source! We have done all the work for you. With years of testing, we have compiled the most trusted, highest quality guaranteed hair vendors that supplies this Industry. These are also the same products that we offer here at Teased Hair Extensions as we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality extensions for our customers.  You may purchase individual vendors or the full package deal which includes all of our vendors.   NOTE*** Our Full package $250 deal comes with ALL our 20 Raw hair vendors that supplies some of the top hair companies within this Industry. This package also includes Lash & Bonnet vendors, Packaging vendors, Hot Tools Vendors, Hair Care Vendors AND a copy of our E-book (A Slice Of The Pie) which is a fully loaded, extremely informative step by step guide that will assist you on your journey in building a successful hair empire.    RAW Brazilian: Our Raw Brazilian vendor is located directly in RIO Brazil. They offer the best in raw brazilian hair, they have beautiful natural patterns and textures ranging from fine to coarse along with matching closures and some wigs. They are the highest quality RAW Brazilian vendor in the market live from RIO.   RAW Burmese: Our Burmese vendors are all located directly in Myanmar, Burma. They are the holy grail of hair extensions, highly recommended! They're by far our #1 selling origin and our personal favourites. These vendors offers matching frontals & closures. Looking to WOW your customers? add any of our Burmese vendors to your product mix.   RAW Uzbekistan: This vendor is a hidden GEM, they offer AMAZING textures, especially curly & wavy along with matching closures and frontals. this vendor is a must add to your raw vendor list.   RAW Indian: Our Raw Indian vendors are all located directly in North & South India, not only are their hair extensions RAW, soft and beautiful but they also offer matching closures and frontals as well, they also offer quality 613 blonde, natural brown and provide custom colouring services, an overall WIN!   RAW Cambodian: Our Cambodian vendors are located directly in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. These vendors are also at the top of our list for quality with a great product mix, they also offer frontals, closures and custom wigs and the quality and longevity these vendor offers is truly amazing!   Raw Malaysian: This Malaysian Vendor is incredible, they offer raw waves both in coarse and silky textures. This vendor also supplies some of the top hair companies.    RAW Indonesian: Our Indonesian vendors are located in Pemalang, Indonesia and they offer very soft and beautiful hair in straight, wavy and a few curly textures. They do not offer matching closures & frontals but their bundles are incredible.   Raw Vietnamese: Our Vietnamese vendors are another one of our absolute favorites, they're all located directly in Vietnam and offers a great product mix, they all also offer Cambodian and one of them also offers Burmese hair as well in a variety of beautiful textures along with matching frontals, closures.    Filipino: This vendor hails directly from the Philippines, providing soft, silky and exceptional quality textures.   Mink Brazilian: Our Mink Brazilian vendor is not raw and they're located in China and offers virgin hair, with several patterns along with matching closures, frontals, 360 frontals, wigs, custom colours etc. They are one of the highest quality Mink Brazilian vendors in the market, with top notch customer service and extremely fast shipping.      If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask, just send us an email, we will be happy to assist you.    We do not offer free samples, If you would like to sample each or any origin/vendor before making an investment, you may purchase our hair extensions to test.   

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"What you plant now, you will harvest later.”    Our wholesale program is available to anyone interested in purchasing in bulk at our wholesale prices. Our program is however reserved for SERIOUS inquiries only. Therefore, we request a small REFUNDABLE fee of $25 for our pricelist. The list can be downloaded immediately after payment and once your actual wholesale order is placed, the $25 will be refunded back to you.   We do not offer free samples, If you would like to sample our hair before making an investment, you may purchase any of our hair to test, as the same hair we sell, is also the same hair we wholesale.    If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask, just send us an email, we will be happy to assist you.  

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