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Hello my name is Taneish Leslie. I am an entrepreneur, footwear designer and philanthropist.

I am the proud owner of TEASED Hair Extensions. Owner/Designer of the luxury footwear brand ‘Elle Forgiatto’ and Owner of the charity organizations (Teased With Love & Forgiatto Walk A Mile).


I have worked in the beauty & fashion industry for 8 yrs behind the scenes with notable brands, celebrities and industry professionals respectfully. 


I’ve garnered a lot of success over the years, I’ve also experienced many setbacks as well. However, I succeed because I never give up. What most would consider a loss, I consider a lesson. In my reality they’re no losses, you either win or you learn. Each setback is really just one step closer to success. It is a lesson learned so you can make a different decision, which will result in a different outcome.


On a daily bases I receive many emails and social media messages from both men and women alike seeking advice on how to start and grow their brands and businesses. Whether the beauty industry or the fashion industry, I can most certainly help with both and give you all the tools you need to start, grow and profit in your business. 


Schedule a private coaching session with me today to get started. I look forward to speaking with you and learning more about your goals and helping you to achieve them! 



Note** After purchase, you will be emailed within 24hrs to confirm your consultation date & time. 



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