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Drop Ship ‘Vendor Contacts’

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‘Lay A Brick A Day.’




This list is NOT our Raw Vendor List. This particular list has only ONE Raw vendor that offers (Burmese, Cambodian & Malaysian) and all the other vendors are Mink Brazilian. This list was specifically created to assist aspiring hair entrepreneurs to get started into the hair industry without all the upfront cost. Whether you’re tight on money and are unable to fully invest in inventory OR maybe you a have a 9-5 or other obligations that may take up much of your time, this is the perfect list for you to get started. 


What Is Drop Shipping: Drop shipping is the easiest way to start a business, it requires no upfront money and your store doesn’t keep stock of the inventory it sells. Instead, when a customer purchases a product from your store, you then place the order from the vendor and have the products shipped directly to the customer. As a result, you never see or handle the product, you just sit back and get paid.


***Please note: These dropship vendors should strictly be used as a stepping stone for you to get your feet wet and your brand off the ground, then eventually build up to invest in our Raw vendor plugs which will really take your brand to the next level.


If you’re an entrepreneur or simply looking for a lucrative side hustle where upfront cost or inventory is not required, then this is the list for you to get started! You may purchase the full list OR The full list plus a copy of my E-book (A Slice Of The Pie) which is a fully loaded, extremely informative step by step guide that will assist you on your journey in building your brand. 



***Please note, the links are provided immediately after purchase for automatic download. Additionally, a copy of the link is also sent to your email. If you do not see them in your inbox, please check your spam.



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